Jours de France

Size 8/10

If you haven’t yet nailed the “lazy chic” vibe all Parisienne's effortlessly pull off, this collection is for you. Sprinkle some European flair into your wardrobe with a sleek flared jumpsuit, electric leopard print skirt and sophisticated leather jacket. It’s a classic for a day out that ends with a coastal sunset drive (top down, of course) or a formal night out that ends with sunrise swims (tops off, of course). 

1 x Jumpsuit - C&M

1 x Leather Jacket - Gorman

1 x Pencil Skirt - Stella

1 x High neck Top - Forever New

1 x Dress - Prada

The borrowing fee already includes cleaning and minor repair for each item.
We recommend you air them out after each wear, but if you need to clean them please strictly follow the care instructions or use our cleaning partner, 'Dryz'.
If theres are no care instructions on the items, please get in touch with our team and we can help you out.

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