Love it. Lend it.

Share More. Wear More.

Send it.

Make money off the items sitting in your wardrobe. Send your unique garments into Coclo with our free supplied prepaid label.

Share it.

If your garment makes the cut, we photograph and style into one of our curated collections before sharing it with your style sisters.  

Earn it.

Earn cash or credit every time someone borrows one of your pieces—that’s a win for your bank account, overflowing wardrobe and the planet.



You can request your items back anytime with up to 4 weeks notice after the first 6 months.

Earn Effortlessly

Make your wardrobe work for you and get paid without doing any heavy lifting.


We take care of styling, photographing, cleaning, minor repairing and shipping while your items are under our care.


Your item will be curated into a collection by our stylist team which increases its chances of being borrowed. 


Sharing is caring! Instead of giving up on your clothes, give them a second chance that’ll benefit both you and the environment. 


Your items are in safe hands with insurance included in the borrowing fee.


Is this service free?

Yes. Just fill in the form above to request a shipping label from Coclo, and you can get sending.

When and how do i get payed?

There are two ways to earn on Coclo. For those that like cold hard cash, any earnings you make can be taken out monthly or when you reach $150. If you’d prefer seeing your money in your closet, we’ll give you a 110% towards Coclo credit. 

How much do I get each time someone borrows my items?

You will receive up to 30% of the borrowing fee after shipping, cleaning, insurance and admin fee. 
For example, if you share ten items that are worth more than $150 RRP each, you can earn between $750 - $2000 per year, pretty good right? If you are unsure, you can get in touch with our team to get an estimate before you send your items in to be shared. 

What happens if my items get damaged or lost?

Coclo will always endeavour to take the utmost care with your items. However, accidents do happen from time to time. Because of this, we do not advise you to share pieces you hold dear (like a family heirloom or items that are irreplaceable.) In the unlikely event of an item going missing or being damaged beyond repair, Coclo is responsible for reimbursing you up to the full agreed value for an item according to the lending agreement.