Style with a conscience.

Coclo is as conscious about style as it is about sustainability. We offer a more personalised and hassle-free experience to peer to peer wardrobe sharing

‍Each capsule collection is carefully curated to fit the same size and body shape.

Coclo was founded on the idea that updating your wardrobe should be fun, fuss-free and friendlier on the environment. From this desire to experience clothing in a new way, we created a platform where finding new outfits and sharing much-loved ones go hand in hand. Coclo aims to make life easier through sharing. We're simplifying our peer to peer concept by centralising all of our sharing items in one location to create capsule collections. On Coclo every capsule collection you choose has been expertly curated and put together by our team of stylists from the wardrobes of Australian women who love fashion just as much as you. By carefully considering each collection we curate, our brand is as conscious about style as it is about sustainability. 

For lovers of fashion like our founder Shanya, battling the desire for a new outfit while being budget and environmentally conscious was a constant struggle. Rather than spending money on cheaper items that weren't going to last long, Shanya decided that gaining access to someone else's incredible but unused clothes made perfect style sense. So our journey started with Tumnus—a peer to peer wardrobe sharing platform. Celebrating the thrill of wearing something new and making fashion more sustainable, Tumnus opened up the concept of sharing from raiding the wardrobes of our sisters or friends to an amazing community of like-minded fashion lovers. 

While Tumnus continues to grow, we wanted to be able to offer a more personalised and hassle-free experience to those looking to expand their wardrobes. Coclo shares the same community and principles as Tumnus but allows for less commitment and more pieces. Because getting dressed shouldn't stress you out, it should be a fun and creative way to evolve and experiment with your style. 

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